We take plastic bottles that would otherwise go to landfill or even end up in the ocean.

Those plastic bottles are turned into plastic flakes, then pellets and finally into fibre.

The fibre is spun into yarn which our 100% recycled sportswear is carefully made from.


Reducing plastic waste, water usage and carbon footprint within the clothing industry

Native Sports clothing uses 100% recycled polyester (rPET) from plastic bottles. This process involves melting down existing plastic bottles, turning it into pellets that can be made into fibres that are spun into yarn.

The oceans contain "51 TRILLION microscopic pieces of plastic... 500 times the number of stars in our galaxy" and "a plastic bottle can last up to 450 years in the marine environment"(Surfers Against Sewage, 2020).

We want our clothes to be as sustainable as possible whilst maintaining the same properties that make polyester the perfect material for sports. 

Our clothes are moisture wicking, flexible and most importantly soft and comfortable to wear.